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Why Trade cryptocurrencies

Why Trade Cryptocurrencies

Within the past 5 years, the popularity of trading cryptocurrencies has eclipsed the Forex trading and other online investing opportunities. The reasons are simple - trading cryptocurrencies versus other forms of trading come with several advantages, among which are:

Return On Investment (ROI)

With a return of up to 89%, investing in digital options offers the highest opportunity to generate profits in the industry. By integrating the ability to trade all assets available to other investors choosing other forms of investment, cryptocurrencies minimize your risk of loss and increase your odds of success by simplifying the process. You can trade on:

Forex - USD/EUR, GBP/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/JPY and more
Commodities - Oil, Gold, Silver, Corn and more
Indices - NASDAQ, NIKKEI, S&P 500 and more
Stocks - Apple, Google, Facebook, Alibaba and more


Unlike stock investments, Forex or other forms of online opportunities, with cryptocurrencies you control several key aspects: The time in which your investment remains open, the ROI you intend on receiving and lastly, the amount of risk you're willing to "put on the line".


When trading digital options, there are many methods in which you can invest your capital. Some of the more popular methods are:

Digital Options
Long Term Options
Turbo Options
One Touch Options
Range Options

To learn more about the different investment methods, Click Here and visit our Trading Platform page.

The Advantages of Trading Digital Options

Above are just a handful of reasons we laid out for you as to why trading digital options are so popular, but for every reason detailed in these pages there are no less than ten more reasons why you should choose digital options to diversify your portfolio - to learn more, speak with a VIPtraders representative who can answer any questions you may have and discuss the array of opportunities available to all VIPtraders clients.

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